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Plate Cleaners

Scratch Removers

Plate Storage

Plate Care Products

Dynamight CTP

Cleans plates, removes sensitive areas and is used for plate storage.

• Mild on plates

• Short-term storage

• Desensitizes the plate

• Use with most known CTP Plates

• Conditions the plate leaving the non-image area water receptive

• Compatible with conventional & UV inks

EC Plate Cleaner.webp
EC Plate Cleaner

A fast acting, heavy duty UV ink plate cleaner. Providing ideal ingredients for quick cleaning, scratch removal and short term plate storage.

• Quick UV ink cutting

• Excellent UV ink cleaning

• Scratch Remover & Preserver

• Minimizes Plate Sensitivity

Hydro Image Plate Cleaner.webp
Hydro Image Plate Cleaner

Completely desensitize & remove ink from non-image area of the plate.

• Unique blend of acids ensures a desensitized, water receptive

• Cleans and removes scratches and oxidation. • Cuts and removes ink quickly

• Removes calcium deposits

• Provides short-term plate storage

PC 93.webp
PC 93

Containing a small amount of tiny spherical abrasives, a heavy-duty scratch remover and plate cleaner.

• Will not cause blinding

• Conditions the non-image area of the plate to accept water

• Removes deep scratches, scumming, oxidation and plate sensitivity

Universal Plate Cleaner

Plate cleaner / desensitizer, heavy duty scratch remover, and short term storage gum.

• Plate cleaner, desensitizer and light scratch remover

• Protects plate during standard stops & overnight

• Helps get rid of lead edge scum, oxidation and more

• For UV, HUV, LED and conventional inks 

UV-C Plate Cleaner

Fast acting to lift and remove both energy curable & conventional inks.

• Low VOC formula provides quick ink cutting & removal without causing plate degradation

• Plate cleaner, desensitizer and light scratch remover

• Protects plate during standard stops & overnight

• For UV, HUV, LED and conventional inks 

Vanish Extra Strength

Removes ink fast and condition the non-image area to stay water receptive. 

• Cuts through and removes ink quickly

• Removes Oxidation

• Use by hand or with trigger sprayer

• Desensitizes deep scratches

• Leaves non-image area water receptive 

Burnshine CTP1000 

3 Tip CTP Deletion Pen

3 correction tips—fine, medium and broad for extra control

Works with most metal plates, including CtP

High quality barrel construction

Sealed end caps

Durable tips last longer than other pens

Gum Arabic 14 BE.webp
Allied Gum Arabic 14 BE

Blended with purified water and micro filtered to ensure no contaminants. 

• High quality/Micro filtered

• 100% Pure

• Metal plate protection

• Eliminates plate sensitivity

Gum Arabic 14 BE.webp
Allied PSG Plate Storage Gum

A combination of solvents used to remove ink from the plate.

• Assures fewer gum streaks during start up

• Stores plates for a few hours, few months, or a few years

• Reduces or eliminates image blinding

• Easy to apply; dries evenly

• Washes off plates quickly

• No need to buff

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