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Specialty Products

Ideal Anti-Skin Liquid
Liquid Anti-Skin.jpg

Ideal Anti-Skin Liquid is formulated  to prevent ink skinning. One Bottle of Ideal Anti-Skin Liquid is used in 1 litre trigger bottles and is equivalent to 3 or 4 aerosol spray cans.

• Easy to apply and long lasting

• Will keep ink open and prevent skinning overnight
• Reduces waste - Both startup waste and ink waste

• Improve blanket release

Ideal Levelite Blanket Fix
Blanket Fix.jpg

Ideal Levelite Blanket Fix is formulated to swell low spots on the surface of printing blankets, returning them to proper printing

• High viscosity gel, will not run off brush
• Will quickly swell low spots
• Will maintain proper gauge for long period

Ideal NPA (Non-Piling Additive)
Ideal Non-Piling Additive.jpg

Ideal NPA is a non-glycol-based fountain additive formulated to reduce or eliminate blanket piling and hickies.

Eliminates piling and hickies

• Compatible with all fountain solutions

• Lubricates printing blanket

• Increased intervals between blanket wash

• Non-Glycol based formula

• Overall waste reduction

Ideal Spray and Wipe Pressroom Cleaner
Ideal Spray and Wipe.jpg

High strength, All purpose cleaner

• Safe for cleaning press parts and rubber 

• Ammonia free formula

• Mild lime fragrance

Allied Anti Foam
Anti Foam copy.jpg

Use to control excessive foam in fountain tank

• Fast Acting

• Low Dosage

• Low Odor

Allied Micro Burst System Cleaner
Microburst Systems Kleener copy.jpg

Completely decontaminates fountain tanks, trays and recirculation lines in approximately 1 hour. While you prepare for the next press run, let Allied’s Microburst System Kleener do the work.

• Effectively cleans throughout

• Hyper active, Microburst detergent bubbles clean, loosen and push contaminates out of return lines, pans and every where else

• Penetrates, lifts and neutralizes calcium

• Simple flush out and refill application

Allied Ink Repellant
Ink-Repellant copy.jpg

Ink Repellant is designed to reduce / eliminate the unwanted accumulation of ink on the impression cylinder.

• Reduces ink piling on perfecting & impression cylinders

• Reduces ink picking during back up

• Effective longer than silicones or waxes

• Easily applied

• High viscosity, easy to apply paste

• For use on paper cutter beds and jogging tables

Allied Snap Back
Permanent Blanket Repair
Snapback copy.jpg

Snap Back has no listed hazardous materials.  Use Snap Back to repair a blanket smash without marring the printing surface.  When a blanket is smashed, the fabric side is decompressed.

• Saves the cost of replacing a blanket

• Revive older blankets

• Only re swells smashed fabric

• Takes only a few minutes

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